Our week

It’s been a while since I’ve done a round up of our week.

This week has been an awesome one. Last week the Daisy had chicken pox so not a great deal happened. This week she’s been a social butterfly. Has seen many friends, helped me around the house and learnt to ride her bike today! :mrgreen:



I printed off some play doh mats from picklebums , the Daisy has really enjoyed creating with them.



She’s attended a home education meet up. They had organised a lady from the Dogs trust to talk to the children about responsible dog ownership.


This meet up prompted her to write a letter when we returned home and tomorrow we are popping it in the post to them.

As I stated at the beginning of this post, the Daisy has also asked to help around the house. I think she’s mindful that it’s her Birthday next month 😉



Rough ride

Recently we’ve had some power battles as a unit. I’m not going to make a statement and announce to the blogging world that it’s the adults against the child. It’s been all of us against each other.

When you get to this point it makes living with each other difficult. The tension is visable… it’s all pretty grim.

I’ve tried all the parenting and being a good wife books there are. I don’t read books through pleasure I read them to find a solution.

Rainbow mama and I have argued. She’s started an argument, I’ve started the argument. Something has kicked off in the day and it’s started an argument. She’s announced she’s moving out a few times. You get the point, it’s been a rough old ride.

There’s this part of me that wishes the Daisy to be a free thinker, hippie warrior. Then there’s the part where I want her to listen to me. The two ideals don’t blend easily.

My point is… it’s tough, they’ll be tears and arguments. They be stubborn moments and “to hell with this” times. Rainbow mama hasn’t left our nest, I’m still here and the Daisy is a loved child.

When we live amongst other people’s ideals we need to question our own values. I have high expectations of Rainbow Mama. Equally she has high ones of me too. We both have high standards we expect of the Daisy. When she screws them up we feel bad, she feels bad. We over analyse what’s gone wrong, what we need to fix things. If we as adults can’t change our behaviour then what chance do we have of expecting our daughter to change hers.

For this moment I’m going to breathe. Today is the first day of spring,  I’m going out into the garden and I hope the Daisy will find her way to me whilst I’m there. I hope we can connect. We all need connection however easily it’s loosened along the way.


Our review of Amazing! Magazine

Last week I was invited by Amazing! Magazine to complete a review.

A few days later a bright yellow envelope dropped on the door mat.

The magazine is marketed as follows;

Amazing! magazine is a Children’s fun and educational magazine based on the primary national curriculum. It’s designed for boys and girls aged 7+ and it covers subjects such as Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, arts, foreign languages,  personal development and lots more. It’s a monthly 36 page publication packed with articles, facts, stories, debates, poetry activities, puzzles and jokes!

The Daisy has read two issues we received to review. Here is a brief question and answer review from a six year old;

What do you think to the magazine?

I like it because of the pictures and information.

Do you like the graphics? They are nice to look at.

What’s the best part? Recipes and craft projects.

Would you like to read it again? Yes please.

I can honestly say that the Daisy went back to this magazine quite a few times and it’s now safely stashed away in her book shelf so she can go back to it at a later date :).


Now a review from me. If I’m honest I was a little sceptical as we don’t follow the National curriculum in our educational journey. I have to admit I was blown away with the format. It’s an absolutely awesome publication that not only is appealing to the eye but informative too. The extension activities are great with easy to follow instructions. It’s as appealing to me as it is to the Daisy.

There isn’t many magazines that cover such a wide range of subjects that are also exciting  to read from cover to cover.

So all round we would definately recommend the Amazing! Magazine to friends and family.



Please do check them out at Amazing! Magazine

Thank you to the stranger…

Thank you to the stranger that rolled her eyes when she looked at my Daughter today.

The Daisy has her own style. She’s warm but not necessarily wearing what I’d choose. See that’s the difference. Her body, her choice.

I laugh when Rainbow Mama dresses her- jeez she’s had some interesting  combinations.

The Daisy most definately Dances to the beat of her own drum.


So yes there you have it, skirt with leggings underneath. A leopard print coat and her umbrella up just incase it should rain!

Who am I to dull her ever glowing sparkle?

I’m her mother not her keeper. One day she will leave our nest. One day she will have the knowledge and the most amazing confidence to go out and live the life she chooses. If our Daughter and the way she chooses to dress offends you visually.  Look away 😉


Please don’t test our Daughter.

If you ever have the pleasure of our Daughter’s company, please don’t test her. The Daisy is both enspiring and tiring at the same time. She’s a whirl wind of questions and excitement. She’s colourful and kind. She is stubborn and excitable.

She is many more things to what I can list.

She isn’t an exam paper, she isn’t your judgement on what she is supposed to know.

She isn’t a child to be forced into a round peg hole. She never has been, even when small she was a vibrant soul.

Only yesterday whilst visiting a heritage building with a friend she was casually explaining “old art work” in conversation. A young adult told her friend how cute it was to listen to a child so excitedly talk about history. That’s the Daisy. I don’t teach her, I facilitate. I cannot possibly “teach” her all she will need to know. I can only facilitate her joys at the present time.

I can only educate her on how to research topics. I cannot provide her every answer to whatever question she asks.

Please don’t test her. I have knowledge on alot of stuff however I’m not tested on it. I learn as I go. Please let her learn in whichever way she chooses.

Let her be little, let her be herself most importantly let her choose joy over tests.


Half term

Last week was half term. We don’t usually venture out in half term!

Last week was different. We had play dates galore, baking and parties to attend. So not alot to write but as always many photos 😉




Happy Half price chocolate day!

Hello lovelies. I’m just about recovered from working back to back night shifts over the weekend.

The Daisy is out all day at a Dance workshop. I have baked and done shit all else today. Woo go me! 😂

It’s half term this week and we have a pretty full week of play dates and social events. No work books this week, I feel we are both glad about that. Hope you have a splendid seven days and I hope to have a little more to blog about by then xx


Forest school and the disasters of free childcare


Before home ed way back when,  I was a slave to the NHS. Sorry I should say an auxiliary nurse supporting the district nurses. I used to love my job then politics got in the way and I began to hate it. I loved the patient care, I disliked the amount of calls I had to make in such a short time frame. I soon  found my position redundant after 6 years service.

Home education was not a planned route for us. I had applied for a school place. The Daisy attended a private day nursery when I worked full time and school to me then was a natural progression from there. Thank goodness I stumbled across HE when I did!

My friends who are teachers weren’t sending their own children to school and I was curious to why. I asked them questions, I did my own research and decided then that the school system wasn’t going to be a path I intended to take for her.

Whilst Home education gives you a lot more freedom than the latter it’s not without its trials.

I work two jobs to primarily fit around her and our lifestyle choices. I work two nights and two afternoons in different employments. With the Night job rainbow mama is at home and the Daisy is in bed. When I work in the afternoons my mum has her. My mum and I clash…. alot. I have no doubt she loves me but I sure as hell know she wishes the Daisy went to school. She doesn’t understand it, she feels she’s missing out on friendships, opportunities- whatever else she thinks at the time. The Daisy has a full diary of events booked well into June this year. She has friends in the village, the surrounding villages and all over the UK.  I wish I could say the same.

Sometimes free childcare aka parents has its downsides…

On the plus side the Daisy had forest school this morning. She played with her friends for two hours with little intervention from us adults. She shared, encouraged and problem solved. She did all this without me or a teacher.


Why I don’t write for followers

This is a slightly controversial post. Not for the faint hearted fluffy blog readers of the world. This is how it is.

I don’t write my content to get followers, if I did I’d be pretty screwed by now. I write because I want to write.

Writing is my therapy, it has been for a long while now. I used to put pen to paper I now type on my phone.

I want my blog to be factual for me. Now some bloggers claim to do that. Let me tell you, some use a Canon, good lighting and photo shop.

They write what their followers are interested in.
They fluff their world’s up that much that they begin to believe it themselves.

I do indeed spend alot of time in the virtual world of social media. I can’t deny that, it causes many arguments… many indeed.

I know of a top UK blogger that writes these cushy posts.
I know of her well enough to know that what she is living right now isn’t in her posts. Rather false publishing if you ask me. If her followers really knew the turmoil of her existence as it is now would they read? Probably a few would but not many. How sad is that?

I recently came across a post “how to make your blog work. As real as I try to be ill pop a unedited  screen shot of what I read.


*Blogging on a specific niche* what the hell is that. Parenting regardless of how we choose to educate is not one Niche. Or maybe I’ve missed that? They’ll be no cushy rainbow dust and unicorn posts here.

So I’ll contine writing my posts on my Samsung s5. I’ll take photos on the same phone I’m typing on and I’ll be as brutally honest as I can. That is the real insight to me and my world.

I won’t fluff it up with fancy lighting or vocabulary. I swear like a trooper in the real world however I try not to when  writing I try to be as “lady like” as I can.

That’s as artificial as this blog will be. I will attempt to refrain from swearing.  I rarely swear in front of the Daisy and when I fail with that she tells me off!

I was raised listening to The Rolling Stones full blast, in whatever company car my dad had at the time. It wasn’t censored I heard it, I sang it, at the time I didn’t understand it.

The Daisy also listens to uncensored music full blast in the car, she sings it and skips the bad language.

If you do read my blog, thank you! If you only ever read this rant full post then great. If I this post changes the way you will now absorb other blogs then I have kind of accomplished what I originally intended.


Let’s talk about the days mummy

“Let’s talk about the days mummy” this is what the Daisy asks me every evening after her bedtime story.

99% of the time I read to her before bed. The odd occasion when we are all out at a gig past midnight or after musical theatre I don’t.

Let’s talk about the days is her way of asking what’s planned. This brings me joy as she has excitement for whatever we intend to do. I also have a list of day to day activities for her, chores for me taped on a kitchen cupboard. She has visual access to this at all times and prompts me to do my housework!

Yesterday I suggested a trip to Wollaton hall, The Daisy suggested a bus ride into town and visit an art gallery. So that is what we did.


One of the gallery assistants seemed pleased to see The Daisy again, she commented how nice it was for her to be there and not part of a rushed school group. She also told me about a film to be careful of and perhaps not let the Daisy watch it as it contained nudity. The Daisy read the signage for the film and promptly told me “Mummy I won’t watch that it contains explicit material” the assistant was amazed she could read that- she applauded the Daisy for her ability to read.

The Daisy completed the busy bag at the gallery yesterday. The exhibition was “Monuments should not be trusted” the Daisy was given a baton with hooks on and a plastic wallet filled with laminated art that she had to find within the gallery and then hook on the baton. She really enjoyed this.

When we are at a gallery I tend not to direct it. Why would I spoil what she enjoys. It’s not for me to make her stop at each piece of art and make her look, school children do that. If I wish for her to enjoy galleries when she’s older I need to encourage freedom in her choices at the age she is now.

Next week I aim to leave a day free for us both to have a “day off” and do something, anything that she chooses. So far she has asked for Wollaton hall.

When the Daisy asks me to tell her about the days, I’m going to embrace this. One day she might not want to ask me…