It’s OK not to like everyone. Just don’t be a dick.

That statement up there that’s the title for this post. It’s as relevant to me as it is to parenting. Your not going to like everyone in life and equally they aren’t going to like you. Just don’t be a dick. It’s perfectly acceptable to not get on with everyone. I’m certainly a hard book to read but I’d like to think I’m kind enough to walk away from anything that’s not serving me.

I teach the Daisy that if someone is unkind to tell me or a safe adult. She doesn’t need to suck it up and deal with it anymore than I would. I’m old enough and maybe wise enough to walk away.

She has previously thought to just cope with another child’s harsh words or actions. As much as I can’t be with her all the time I’d like to think she can diffuse a station or seek help and understanding. There’s so much pressure on children to cope with events that even adults would find difficult, yet we ask ourselves why there is so much childhood mental health issues.
So the moral of the story. Don’t be a dick. If you can’t choose kindness simply walk away.


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