Grief and relationships

I’ve been thinking about posting a subject on grief before now, but each time I’ve scrapped the idea. I think it needs to be spoken…

In my opinion the above word is not spoken about enough.

It’s a taboo, we all at some point in our lives encounter it, yet it’s not spoken about. Grief in our home is still very much raw. It’s as raw as the day it happened. Rainbow Mamas Son went to live with his father. From that day until now she’s had no contact from him at all. He was 12 at the time and is now 14.

She hasn’t lost him to death she lost him as it was his choice to go and live with his Dad.

Imagine raising a child for 12 years then nothing. There’s no place to visit to collect thoughts. Noone to really connect with about it. As loosing custody to a child is still shamed upon regardless of reasons.

Grief is a real game changer. I lost the person I fell in love with. I lost her to this immense feeling of failure and isolation . One that she had no control over the end result.

The decision that ended her life as she knew it and ours too.

Living with someone else’s decision for the rest of her childs childhood days. When he’s 18 it’s his choice, if he makes contact or not.

Rainbow Mama is more than heart broken. Every day I think I see a glimpse of what life was like. It’s merely a glimpse. Friends don’t know what to say to her, so they go from being there to distant memories. It’s hard, by gosh it’s really difficult.

Maybe if it was spoken about. Any grief, it wouldn’t be easier but it would be more understood?

I just want to say. If your reading this, your allowed to be happy. Your allowed to be in more than just the moment. Your allowed to live xx


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