Our visit to The Gingerbread house 16th of May

This morning the Daisy and I visited a local childminder in East Leake, whom I had contacted a few weeks back to see if she would consider caring for Home educated Children. Initially I had contacted her to report back to other home educators as it’s a struggle to find childcare providers that are happy to take a child plus five within school hours.

Jodi was keen for me to let the Home ed community know that she would be able to provide this service. I met with her today.

Jodi welcomed us both into her home. Jodi has converted her entire downstairs to Gingerbread house child care. She lives on the first floor. When I walked in it was a child’s heaven.

Every room was well thought out and clearly alot of effort had gone into the layout. There is a reading nook complete with cosy sofa. An art and craft area with all resources organised so that children can create freely. There is an exploration unit filled with numerous sensory items as well as encyclopedias and African land snails in a tank. Everything is labelled. It puts our home ed efforts to shame!

Jodi explained to me that she had moved her furniture upstairs and bought second hand furniture for Gingerbread childcare as the downstairs was the children’s space not hers.

Her outside space is amazing, The Daisy enjoyed her mud kitchen for the most part we were there. Jodi is a registered childminder on all 3 registers.

Jodi’ background is within private nursery settings where she was a manager, she explained to me that over the years the emphasis was more on the side of paperwork than actual physical care and nurturing of children. She set up Gingerbread house with many years of experience and values on how childhood should be more free to learn and explore at their own pace.

Jodi is keen to link up with the local Home ed community within Nottingham, Leicestershire and Derbyshire. She is an all round child care provider and also offers adhoc babysitting within your home.

Let me show you some of her indoor and outdoor spaces.


Reading Nook


Craft area

The Daisy spent most of her time in the garden which Jodi actively encourages she also takes the children out to access the local and wider community. She is often by the brook, at the park and visiting Loughborough.


Mud kitchen area


What an awesome Mud kitchen


The Daisy checking out the bug hotel

So to round up my review of Gingerbread House childcare. I wish I had met Jodi years ago when the Daisy attended nursery. The Daisy was reluctant to leave yesterday and asked when she was going to “play” there again. In a recent quote from Gingerbread House on social media. “Would you trust your childcare provider with your house keys and car keys” if the answer is no then why are you leaving your child?

That’s a strong point. I can honestly admit I’d leave Jodi with both sets of keys. The Daisy and Jodi instantly connected and I felt at ease. Her set up is delightful and I’m genuinely looking forward to The Daisy visiting her again. I’m sure they’ll be lots of adventures and memory making along the way.

If you would like to contact Jodi and meet her like I did, Jodi ‘s contact details are in the picture below.



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