Without the Daisy life is pretty dull. She drives me crazy most days. I’m not going to pretty that bit up.

I’m sat here with a migraine from hell, with endless household tasks to complete. I am reminded by Rainbow mama that I’m tired and my head hurts as I didn’t allow myself time to rest after I finished work at 8am yesterday. No I didn’t I’ll hold my hands up. Instead I chose to attend a picnic that I had organised. So now I’m feeling it!

I have many friends. My parents are proud of this. As a child I struggled with friendships. I didn’t have many. I now know alot of people and with most I have a common interest and that is how we educate our children. Without these people in my life I’d struggle.  We all educate it different ways but ultimately we all want the same results. Happy, confident kids. So this post is to thank you all, thank you for being there Wether it be a message on Facebook,  liking my IG photo or an email. I truly value all my friendships in all the different ways x


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