It’s not that I’m anti school. It’s more I think there’s more to life than school.

Everyone has bad days, I have many, as do you. If I was in school and my bad day was on a day where I was sitting an exam. My bad day would be bigger than what it really is. My grade for that exam may be altered due to me having a bad day. That grade I had achieved would set a level of what I could achieve.
Since when does one bad day, screw up a whole year or more?
A bad choice may well do that. But in real life you can improve most of the time.

We know a child who’s not yet 7. He’s already feeling the pressure of performing in his SATS, not from his parents i may add. He is a sensitive soul and he’s struggling with an exam. One that many dissagree with in the first place. Yes, you read that right he’s seven at the end of May and is already feeling the pressure of performing on an exam.

I have alot of respect for teachers. I have non for the system that is our state education in the UK.

The system is so rigid, so rigid to the point that even as adults we sometimes suggest that we are unable to do things as adults, because we weren’t able to do it at school. I still at times do this. I left school 16 years ago!

So am I anti school? No.

Do I dislike teachers? Hell no, I have many friends who teach.

Was our decision to home educate a rash decision? I don’t think it was at all.

Do we home educate because we don’t want to do the school run? As tempting as it would be to say yes. I’m afraid that isn’t my reason.

Do I follow the NC? Now some of the Daisy’s work books are linked to the NC. However we don’t follow it as I find it limiting.

Do we follow a curriculum at all? No we don’t follow one. We cover maths, English and science everyday then I follow her lead. She’s currently creating an artistic masterpiece whilst I’m writing this post after having helped cook our evening meal.



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