Rough ride

Recently we’ve had some power battles as a unit. I’m not going to make a statement and announce to the blogging world that it’s the adults against the child. It’s been all of us against each other.

When you get to this point it makes living with each other difficult. The tension is visable… it’s all pretty grim.

I’ve tried all the parenting and being a good wife books there are. I don’t read books through pleasure I read them to find a solution.

Rainbow mama and I have argued. She’s started an argument, I’ve started the argument. Something has kicked off in the day and it’s started an argument. She’s announced she’s moving out a few times. You get the point, it’s been a rough old ride.

There’s this part of me that wishes the Daisy to be a free thinker, hippie warrior. Then there’s the part where I want her to listen to me. The two ideals don’t blend easily.

My point is… it’s tough, they’ll be tears and arguments. They be stubborn moments and “to hell with this” times. Rainbow mama hasn’t left our nest, I’m still here and the Daisy is a loved child.

When we live amongst other people’s ideals we need to question our own values. I have high expectations of Rainbow Mama. Equally she has high ones of me too. We both have high standards we expect of the Daisy. When she screws them up we feel bad, she feels bad. We over analyse what’s gone wrong, what we need to fix things. If we as adults can’t change our behaviour then what chance do we have of expecting our daughter to change hers.

For this moment I’m going to breathe. Today is the first day of spring,  I’m going out into the garden and I hope the Daisy will find her way to me whilst I’m there. I hope we can connect. We all need connection however easily it’s loosened along the way.



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