Our review of Amazing! Magazine

Last week I was invited by Amazing! Magazine to complete a review.

A few days later a bright yellow envelope dropped on the door mat.

The magazine is marketed as follows;

Amazing! magazine is a Children’s fun and educational magazine based on the primary national curriculum. It’s designed for boys and girls aged 7+ and it covers subjects such as Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, arts, foreign languages,  personal development and lots more. It’s a monthly 36 page publication packed with articles, facts, stories, debates, poetry activities, puzzles and jokes!

The Daisy has read two issues we received to review. Here is a brief question and answer review from a six year old;

What do you think to the magazine?

I like it because of the pictures and information.

Do you like the graphics? They are nice to look at.

What’s the best part? Recipes and craft projects.

Would you like to read it again? Yes please.

I can honestly say that the Daisy went back to this magazine quite a few times and it’s now safely stashed away in her book shelf so she can go back to it at a later date :).


Now a review from me. If I’m honest I was a little sceptical as we don’t follow the National curriculum in our educational journey. I have to admit I was blown away with the format. It’s an absolutely awesome publication that not only is appealing to the eye but informative too. The extension activities are great with easy to follow instructions. It’s as appealing to me as it is to the Daisy.

There isn’t many magazines that cover such a wide range of subjects that are also exciting  to read from cover to cover.

So all round we would definately recommend the Amazing! Magazine to friends and family.



Please do check them out at Amazing! Magazine


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