Thank you to the stranger…

Thank you to the stranger that rolled her eyes when she looked at my Daughter today.

The Daisy has her own style. She’s warm but not necessarily wearing what I’d choose. See that’s the difference. Her body, her choice.

I laugh when Rainbow Mama dresses her- jeez she’s had some interesting  combinations.

The Daisy most definately Dances to the beat of her own drum.


So yes there you have it, skirt with leggings underneath. A leopard print coat and her umbrella up just incase it should rain!

Who am I to dull her ever glowing sparkle?

I’m her mother not her keeper. One day she will leave our nest. One day she will have the knowledge and the most amazing confidence to go out and live the life she chooses. If our Daughter and the way she chooses to dress offends you visually.  Look away 😉



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