Please don’t test our Daughter.

If you ever have the pleasure of our Daughter’s company, please don’t test her. The Daisy is both enspiring and tiring at the same time. She’s a whirl wind of questions and excitement. She’s colourful and kind. She is stubborn and excitable.

She is many more things to what I can list.

She isn’t an exam paper, she isn’t your judgement on what she is supposed to know.

She isn’t a child to be forced into a round peg hole. She never has been, even when small she was a vibrant soul.

Only yesterday whilst visiting a heritage building with a friend she was casually explaining “old art work” in conversation. A young adult told her friend how cute it was to listen to a child so excitedly talk about history. That’s the Daisy. I don’t teach her, I facilitate. I cannot possibly “teach” her all she will need to know. I can only facilitate her joys at the present time.

I can only educate her on how to research topics. I cannot provide her every answer to whatever question she asks.

Please don’t test her. I have knowledge on alot of stuff however I’m not tested on it. I learn as I go. Please let her learn in whichever way she chooses.

Let her be little, let her be herself most importantly let her choose joy over tests.



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