Forest school and the disasters of free childcare


Before home ed way back when,  I was a slave to the NHS. Sorry I should say an auxiliary nurse supporting the district nurses. I used to love my job then politics got in the way and I began to hate it. I loved the patient care, I disliked the amount of calls I had to make in such a short time frame. I soon  found my position redundant after 6 years service.

Home education was not a planned route for us. I had applied for a school place. The Daisy attended a private day nursery when I worked full time and school to me then was a natural progression from there. Thank goodness I stumbled across HE when I did!

My friends who are teachers weren’t sending their own children to school and I was curious to why. I asked them questions, I did my own research and decided then that the school system wasn’t going to be a path I intended to take for her.

Whilst Home education gives you a lot more freedom than the latter it’s not without its trials.

I work two jobs to primarily fit around her and our lifestyle choices. I work two nights and two afternoons in different employments. With the Night job rainbow mama is at home and the Daisy is in bed. When I work in the afternoons my mum has her. My mum and I clash…. alot. I have no doubt she loves me but I sure as hell know she wishes the Daisy went to school. She doesn’t understand it, she feels she’s missing out on friendships, opportunities- whatever else she thinks at the time. The Daisy has a full diary of events booked well into June this year. She has friends in the village, the surrounding villages and all over the UK.  I wish I could say the same.

Sometimes free childcare aka parents has its downsides…

On the plus side the Daisy had forest school this morning. She played with her friends for two hours with little intervention from us adults. She shared, encouraged and problem solved. She did all this without me or a teacher.



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