Why I don’t write for followers

This is a slightly controversial post. Not for the faint hearted fluffy blog readers of the world. This is how it is.

I don’t write my content to get followers, if I did I’d be pretty screwed by now. I write because I want to write.

Writing is my therapy, it has been for a long while now. I used to put pen to paper I now type on my phone.

I want my blog to be factual for me. Now some bloggers claim to do that. Let me tell you, some use a Canon, good lighting and photo shop.

They write what their followers are interested in.
They fluff their world’s up that much that they begin to believe it themselves.

I do indeed spend alot of time in the virtual world of social media. I can’t deny that, it causes many arguments… many indeed.

I know of a top UK blogger that writes these cushy posts.
I know of her well enough to know that what she is living right now isn’t in her posts. Rather false publishing if you ask me. If her followers really knew the turmoil of her existence as it is now would they read? Probably a few would but not many. How sad is that?

I recently came across a post “how to make your blog work. As real as I try to be ill pop a unedited  screen shot of what I read.


*Blogging on a specific niche* what the hell is that. Parenting regardless of how we choose to educate is not one Niche. Or maybe I’ve missed that? They’ll be no cushy rainbow dust and unicorn posts here.

So I’ll contine writing my posts on my Samsung s5. I’ll take photos on the same phone I’m typing on and I’ll be as brutally honest as I can. That is the real insight to me and my world.

I won’t fluff it up with fancy lighting or vocabulary. I swear like a trooper in the real world however I try not to when  writing I try to be as “lady like” as I can.

That’s as artificial as this blog will be. I will attempt to refrain from swearing.  I rarely swear in front of the Daisy and when I fail with that she tells me off!

I was raised listening to The Rolling Stones full blast, in whatever company car my dad had at the time. It wasn’t censored I heard it, I sang it, at the time I didn’t understand it.

The Daisy also listens to uncensored music full blast in the car, she sings it and skips the bad language.

If you do read my blog, thank you! If you only ever read this rant full post then great. If I this post changes the way you will now absorb other blogs then I have kind of accomplished what I originally intended.



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