Let’s talk about the days mummy

“Let’s talk about the days mummy” this is what the Daisy asks me every evening after her bedtime story.

99% of the time I read to her before bed. The odd occasion when we are all out at a gig past midnight or after musical theatre I don’t.

Let’s talk about the days is her way of asking what’s planned. This brings me joy as she has excitement for whatever we intend to do. I also have a list of day to day activities for her, chores for me taped on a kitchen cupboard. She has visual access to this at all times and prompts me to do my housework!

Yesterday I suggested a trip to Wollaton hall, The Daisy suggested a bus ride into town and visit an art gallery. So that is what we did.


One of the gallery assistants seemed pleased to see The Daisy again, she commented how nice it was for her to be there and not part of a rushed school group. She also told me about a film to be careful of and perhaps not let the Daisy watch it as it contained nudity. The Daisy read the signage for the film and promptly told me “Mummy I won’t watch that it contains explicit material” the assistant was amazed she could read that- she applauded the Daisy for her ability to read.

The Daisy completed the busy bag at the gallery yesterday. The exhibition was “Monuments should not be trusted” the Daisy was given a baton with hooks on and a plastic wallet filled with laminated art that she had to find within the gallery and then hook on the baton. She really enjoyed this.

When we are at a gallery I tend not to direct it. Why would I spoil what she enjoys. It’s not for me to make her stop at each piece of art and make her look, school children do that. If I wish for her to enjoy galleries when she’s older I need to encourage freedom in her choices at the age she is now.

Next week I aim to leave a day free for us both to have a “day off” and do something, anything that she chooses. So far she has asked for Wollaton hall.

When the Daisy asks me to tell her about the days, I’m going to embrace this. One day she might not want to ask me…


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