Her days


The Daisy’s days are never the same. That’s what life is really about isn’t it? There’s no two days alike in her world. Today should of been at forest school this morning, it’s January just above freezing this morning, I vouched for a day of real life learning instead.

So today she counted up her saved coins out of her piggy bank. Played with water beads,  had an explore of non messy painting, fed the birds in the garden and totally immersed herself in her new book Roald Dahls the Witches.

We went shopping for food, she paid at the till and helped carry it home. She conversed with several different people and spoke to a friend whilst out.

Later this evening she is going to her musical theatre class but before that she’ll help me cook our evening meal. The most important thing here is she enjoys every step of her day :).



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