Lists, Olivia and workbooks

This week has been a success- woo hoo!

The lists are working well. I’m ticking tasks off and feeling a little more in control :).

Also this week Olivia the Rainbow doll has been with us for a week. The Daisy has done a similar activity twice before.  Monty the monkey from nursery and also Ranulph the travelling polar bear did his rounds with Home Educated children all over the UK.

Olivia however has been on The Daisy’s wish list since she started at Rainbows last year. So Olivia slept in the Daisy’s bed, had stories read to her and listened to the Daisy play her Guitar.

The Daisy has also received new work books this week which she was most excited about.



To end the week on a high, we had a dusting of snow this morning when we woke. The excitement on her face was wonderful. ⛄❄👩❤



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