A gift

This year my friend celebrates her 30th Birthday. I’m kind of hoping she doesn’t follow my blog as it will spoil the suprise. So I’m going to keep this part vague just incase she does.

So I’ve planned her gift but the process has been to contact someone who knows her, better than I do to get some finer detail. I could of contacted her husband but instead I chose to email her mum.

Her mother emailed me back with a list. It made me laugh alot but it also made me a little sad.

I asked her what her daughter, my friend loves and she replied with a list.

This isn’t sad in itself.
I did ask myself whether my own mother, could write a list and in all honesty I don’t think she could. When did I become so distant from her? It wasn’t intentional on either side. My own mum knows my daughter better than she knows me.

So my mum could probably list colours and sizes but I doubt she could list the inbetween things, the things that really make me tick.

See the Daisy for instance has two real passions. Dancing and reading. From those two “things” there are so many extensions. If you didn’t know her all that well, you could provide a multitude of objects just from those two passions of hers.

How has it become so apparent that my  mum knows her granddaughter so well, but not her own daughter?

Sometimes the paths you take in life aren’t what your parents would of hoped for. Sometimes the grades you set yourself for your children are too high.

My only hope from this is that I am never as distant from the Daisy as what I am from my own mum.

I love my mum very much, we challenge each other often. She loves me too and I know that. We are just both very much misunderstood.



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