If I could loose one thing…

If I could loose one thing from our journey it would be… the word “home” out of home education.

Yes we don’t educate the Daisy in school, we most certainly don’t educate her in the confinements of our home either.

There appears to be this rule, this thing that if education isn’t received within the walls of a school, then surely it’s in the four walls of your home.

For some this may be the case. For those that know me as a person, second to a Mama, they will know I’m not a home bird.

Some laugh and call me a butterfly, I don’t enjoy my own company so why would I limit the Daisy to my company.

As I get older I am trying to enjoy my own company.  It’s too quiet if I’m honest. I am learning to knit, this is helping as if I’m distracted I loose my stitches! So knitting is a way for me to stay still and enjoy my own company.

I am too often told that the Daisy attending rainbows must be great for her as she’s interacting. She interacts daily!
If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting her you’ll know she’s a confident child, is forward thinking,  loves people of all ages, backgrounds etc.

She talks for England.  Seriously I wish she had a mute button at times. Even if I was a home bird that wanted to stay within my four walls the Daisy wouldn’t allow that.

Her thirst for knowledge beyond me is extreme. She’s a sponge.
I can’t teach her everything, I can facilitate her learning. That is what I do.
So yes The Daisy attends rainbows and it’s great that she has that added interaction. Let’s not limit her social activities to one class- if only!

Prior to educating outside of school I only had a diary for professional purposes. I now have three! One for my work, one for appointments and one solely for The Daisy’s activities. Plus lists. A list of chores for me, a list of daily things for her plus a weekly menu so I remember to feed us all.

Sometimes I wonder how easy it would be to stay at home,  do the work books and be cosy in winter. I instead choose to be a taxi to various different events. Freeze my lady bits off at forest school every fortnight. Muddle through my diaries to make sure I’ve not missed anything.

Home education looks so different to different families. For us its more an apprenticeship of life.



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