Second and third day in.

The second day into our new Home ed year was spent by me recovering from a night shift.

This home education business is not all fluffy clouds and fairy dust. It’s as real as it is for the individual family.

So yes The Daisy watched documentaries on TV whilst I rested in the same room. The evening of the second day in, the Daisy went to her grandparents for the night as I had an appointment and work on the following day.

The Daisy had a blast as always. She went shopping with my dad, negotiated a new toy at the charity shop. She had £1 in her pocket the toy was £2 she told my dad that it was better than sweets… there’s no fooling her at times!

She went to a local country park and took notes on what she could see. She also fed a swan out of her hand. My dad explained how dangerous they could be and what to do and the Daisy followed instruction to be able to confidentially feed one.

Later in the afternoon she helped her Nanny (my mum) construct a ginger bread house. My mum has kindly asked me to never purchase one again regardless of it being a post Christmas bargain, haha.

So sometimes this Home ed business needs to be subcontracted out. I work, rainbow mama also works. Her education however is not neglected. She is fortunate enough to spend time with varying different people with different life experiences :).



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