My letter to you

Dear Daisy

I hope that you aren’t a carbon copy of me. I hope your better than I am, better than I could ever be.
I hope you find who you are as a person. I hope you have not been forced to live within the limitations of other people’s views and opinions. I hope to raise you as neutrally as I can. This way I hope you can make your own decisions and form your own opinions on matters that mean the most to you.

I hope that you can form a strong argument, but care enough to walk away when needed.

I hope you can defend yourself when times get hard. I hope you find the person who you choose to spend your life with. There’s no rush for this, it’s when your ready not when others are ready for it. And if you choose not to find that someone, I wish you every happiness. I know you’ll have the basic life skills and if I’ve missed something please don’t scold me, take the time to learn and research every which way until you understand.

Don’t be hard on yourself, the world is always ready to tell you where you’ve gone wrong, instead of praising what you’ve already accomplished. You tell me now at six years old that your going to work and your husband will home educate your six children. I as your mother hope that your still a determined soul by the time your an adult. Sometimes I could cry at how strong willed you are. Your not me, your not who I was or who I am now. Your your own person. I’ll love you no matter what. I don’t care whom you choose to have relations with providing your happy. Your happiness is everything to me.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. If you find yourself in this situation don’t allow the troubles to define you. Don’t label yourself, if you do others will also label you. Labels are for food to list ingredients. You are your own person your not meant to be read.

Don’t allow passive comments to destroy you. I have allowed that to happen in my life all to often.

Be who you are. Enjoy what you do and live the life you love xx



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