Post holiday play

We’ve been home for a week.

What a difference a seven days makes. I finally caught up with the laundry.  I had a job interview and I returned to my day job. That’s the Mama part done… I got the job! Bonus. So I’m now working in the day part time and I’ve signed myself up to working night shifts.. its been a while since I’ve worked nights. I must be crazy, but it fits in with our lifestyle so I’ll make it work 🙂

The Daisy has been a busy bee,  I’ll make no excuses it’s quite difficult to get out of holiday mode, back into daily living. The Daisy learnt alot whilst we were away, children learn all the time I’m very aware of that.

So the Daisy has been playing with her play dough. Created many a fine dish using both her play dough and her play food.


She has been in the garden alot, she has made fairy feasts- fairies need to eat too!


She made a memory vase using the Shells she collected from exmouth beach.


We’ve had a hospital appointment for her broken elbow. Fingers crossed the pin can come out in a fortnight and she will be back to her routine of swimming classes and four dance classes a week! I’m not going to lie it’ll be a shock to my system! I’ve become quite laid back with not having to taxi her around- haha.

I don’t push The Daisy to write. This may come across as crazy to those who choose to educate their children at school as their children write daily. The Daisy can write and does write, she performs better when she’s chosen to write. She did an awesome bit of writing this week. Biased maybe 🙂


Whilst I was away I was inspired by the Reggio emilia method. I hoped that my new approach to Maths may help the Daisy. We are using objects to help her find the answer. So far so good. She even asked to do some maths today.



Lastly we put her wormery together today. Digging for worms has now reached a whole new dimension. The Daisy has become for aware and interested since reading James and the Giant peach. The Daisy helped set it up and sat to observe for approximately 20 minutes! The wormery has pride of place on our fireplace.





I imagine there will be lots of writing, researching and drawing earthworms this coming week.


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