Yesterday I foolishly allowed myself to think that our dwindling holiday funds was going to mean we wouldn’t have anymore fun.

Rainbow mama suggested we went for a walk. We’ve got legs, there must be more to this holiday than arcades and money eating activities.

Rainbow Mama’s idea was a hit. We discovered the beautiful coastal path to exmouth. The photos speak for  themselves!




Back to the cash part. People often ask how do you afford it. The answer is you make it work.
If you want to live a certain lifestyle, any kind of lifestyle you do what it takes to make it work. Yeah we would have an abundance of varying different opportunities, if I also worked full time. But my dream for the Daisy would no longer function all that well. Sometimes I feel like throwing the towel in and sending her to school. I could go out to work full time. Would rainbow mama and I be happy? I doubt that. Some days it’s tough and I mean really tough. Not so much financially more emotionally. All parents get that feeling at some point.

So we will embrace the great times, learn from the grey days and look forward to what the tomorrow’s might bring.


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