Special ingredient bolognese

Today I’m cooking our evening meal.
There’s not much unusual about that, although whilst we’ve been away rainbow mama has cooked every day.

Tonight it’s the Daisy’s favourite pasta bolognese.

We didn’t bring any onions with us or any stock cubes so I’ve “improvised”.


Two stalks of celery (my onion substitute)
5-6 mushrooms depending on the size
Small bag of Quorn
Garlic (we used 5 cloves)
2 tins of chopped tomatoes
1 good squeeze of tomato puree
5 desert spoons of hp brown sauce (stock cube substitute, try it)

Chop the celery and mushrooms. The Daisy’s best part is the mushrooms. She eats most of them raw


It’s totally down to your own preference how small you chop the veg. Fry them in a little oil then add the garlic again crushed or sliced, whatever you prefer.


Leave for a few minutes then add the Quorn. Follow the directions on the packet. When the Quorn is “browned” add the chopped tomatoes, puree and stir. Then add the brown sauce. Leave on a low heat for 15 minutes. I prefer to make this in the morning ahead of our evening meal. I simply switch off the heat and cover the pan.


It was a hit, brown sauce and all! I might avoid onions in the next one too 🙂



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