The Daisy has two Mamas, a nanny and a pop pop, an uncle. She has no cousins. She does have my cousins and my second cousins. My aunts and uncles and they are the Daisy’s family.

A couple of weeks ago now the Daisy asked me how to spell a certain aunts name. I wrote it down on paper she then walked away and started creating with her beads. I asked her what she was doing. She was making this.


Without prompting she had made Aunty Julie a necklace and a get well soon picture.

Kids are like sponges they may not understand the ins and outs but we as adults sometimes fail to grasp the intensity of certain areas. Aunty Julie isn’t well. The Daisy showed compassion and concern. We posted this and it has since been received. This gift from the Daisy may not make her better. I can assure you it made her smile.


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