It’s not all unicorns and Rainbow clouds

Today we seem to be having a power struggle with the Daisy.

In this unit nobody is “boss”. Sometimes that is blissful sometimes it’s not.

Today The Daisy is having an issue with time, it’s easy to forget she hasn’t really got a concept of time. She isn’t time tabled Monday – Friday. We do however have a organisation chart on our fridge and I have bought it with us on holiday so that she can read what activities we had planned loosely around the weather.

Rainbow mama struggles with repetitive noise, The Daisy commentates her entire day. This alone can wind Rainbow mama up into a despair.

So we have a child with a power struggle, a mama who’s head is buzzing with repetitive noise and myself who’s documenting this.

To break it up a little the Daisy has done a page of her work books, written a letter, posted it and been for a walk. This day can only get better.





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