Review of South Beach cafe Sandy bay Exmouth

Previous to writing this review I had requested permission from the manager Chantelle. Unlike most managers I have come across she appears to be “a hands on deck” manager which is always great to see.

Please check them out via this link

My review isn’t for the food or the atmosphere it’s for the Family friendly value.

I am posting this review over a few Random days of visiting the venue, so to get a real value of the place.

Day 1: Saturday 12th of September 2015.

Rainbow mama went to the Bar at South Beach Cafe. She ordered two pints of Grolsch. She was served by the manager with a smile (obvious to some staff but you don’t get it at the owners reception).

Whilst receiving her change Rainbow mama did an epic fail and tipped one of the pints over! Showering herself in beer. Rainbow mama clearly was over excited by her first holiday pint- that she had to cover herself in it. She asked for a cloth to clean it and was offered a free replacement. Bonus!

The Daisy and I were queuing for an ice cream. She couldn’t decide and the member of staff offered her a taste of an ice cream to make sure she chose the right one. How delightful it really is to see such amazing customer service!


That’s day one at South Beach Cafe. You’ll be pleased to read that Rainbow mama managed to aim properly to drink her free pint and the Daisy scoffed all of her ice cream.

Thanks to the management and staff at South Beach. Your Great!

More reviews to follow 🙂


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