Let’s not prune so much.

It came to me today, whilst driving through a national forest, that maybe we expect too much?

Maybe I do, maybe there’s not a “we” in it at all.

When you see a woodland you admire the trees, the pretty winding branches the large roots above the earth. Even the fungi growing on the bark, it all adds to the character of the tree. It’s beauty is not questioned.


Now take a boxwood.
You prune a boxwood into a desired shape. If you left the boxwood a little in between pruning it would still be desired. It would still be a beautiful,  characteristic tree.

However if you pruned it weekly to perfection then left it alone for a while it would loose it’s shape, loose it’s intended purpose. Loose the shape to growth.

A child is that tree. If you keep correcting, directing and punishing, eventually the child will expect it or worse still rely on it. If you take a step back and be present if needed your child will flourish.

All children are different. All people are too. Enjoy the tree in all its wonderful glory.



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