This week I’ve had to communicate with various types of people.

Please note the word “people”. We live in a fast paced society. Sometimes I think we as consumers, customers, employees and parents forget that those people receiving emails, answering phones, serving you at till points and children they are people too.

I decent conversation can quickly change with a tone of voice or a blunt written word.

I emailed a company about a subscription I hadn’t received. The reply I received was a positive one, they promised to re send me a new magazine. I could of left it at that. I didn’t, I thanked them – wasn’t hard, I’d of thanked them in person if I’d of physically conversed with them.

I’ve signed up to this blogging network thingy (do you like my terminology).

I couldn’t however validate my account so I emailed them. They helped me after various emails pinging back and forth. I then wished the recipient a good weekend. It’s the little things I guess that make someone’s work seem worth it.

I’ve had real shit employment, Rainbow mama has too. The one thing missing within those employments was appreciation. It’s not that hard to thank someone. Smile at someone. It may really change their mood, it may lift them.

Turning to “motherdom”, praise is great. You could change the words sometimes though. After a while a child gets used to hearing the same thing. Shift it a little.



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