Why Raising a Daisy?

I am often asked about the name.

The answer is as follows;

I would rather raise a weed than a beautiful flower. Although all plants are weeds they only officially become weeds if the gardener doesn’t appreciate them.

This gardener however appreciates the pure value of a weed. Weeds are forever coming up where you had not wanted them, they are resilient, resistant to whatever form of chemical you choose to use on them. That is how I want The Daisy to be.

I don’t own The Daisy, she is not mine to keep. She’s not an object but a person.

She’s a small person, one that Rainbow Mama and I raise.

Yes sometimes I have to reflect on the above statement- I’m a parent we all make mistakes.

I wish to Raise the Daisy with boundaries but to know she can accomplish anything she wishes to put her mind too.

Society often tells us differently. It’s keen to categorise us into labels and often leads us into thinking we cannot achieve. I don’t wish for the Daisy to feel that.

The Daisy right now at six years old aspires to one day attend the X – factor auditions… Don’t get me wrong she can’t sing a note, more communicates with dolphins but that could change!

I wish for her to achieve her dreams, whatever they might be. She will have her two Mamas backing her all the way.

That is why I’m choosing to Raise a Daisy.



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