Our annual celebratory holiday

In a few days time we are returning to Devon Cliffs holiday park to celebrate our freedom as a family and The Daisy’s NBTS (not back to school).

Last year we had a fantastic time, so much so that I booked this coming fortnight away on our second day in.

The Daisy enjoyed rock pooling, paddling In the sea, swimming and much more. She was however upset that we hadn’t taken any work books!


This time we will take her work books, she’s broken her elbow and has a pin in place so she can’t swim in the pool but she can’t still enjoy the beach!

I have purchased her some fantastic spotters cards too, I’m sure she will enjoy using them.


Broken elbow or not we will all have a fantastic time. I had hoped she could of taken her scooter but that’s a big no no with risk of falling so she’ll have to use her legs!



I too will be going back to pen and paper making notes as I still want to be able to blog, I’ll have limited WiFi whilst there. So if I can upload a post I will but if I can’t then I will have to write them save them as drafts and upload them when I can.



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