The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

The above quote doesn’t really reflect on me. I know I’m loved and appreciated by my own tree but I am totally misunderstood by it.

For years and years I sought some kind of acceptance. That was until I learnt to accept myself for who I am. When you love yourself and appreciate your own self worth, that is the time when others can truly love you too.

This is a tad deep for an early morning blog post – apologies!

I try to encourage The Daisy to be herself, people and objects will adjust.
The Daisy is a whirlwind. The girl in the John Lewis home insurance advert, she’s like that with a little more twinkle.

She’s fiery (in both good and not so pretty ways).
She’s observant (in ways that drive my brain crazy on most days).
If I don’t have the answer to something she tells me to Google it- at least we both learn that way.

She’s a kind hearted soul when you look past her authoritive side. When I worked full time in what I still consider to this day my “proper job”, the daisy attended nursery. It was then I was told she was a leader not a follower. She has her own mind and knows how to use it. I have often said I’d rather that than a meek and mild soul that follows the pack.

She’s a sponge, she reads and reads a vast array of all kinds of literature. She’s really good at reading and is passionate about it too.

That is where The Daisy hasn’t fallen far from the tree. I am an incredibly passionate person. I don’t do things by halves. If I’m working I need to really enjoy it. My heart has got to be in it. I can never work for a pay cheque. It’s not me, it’s not who I am.

The Daisy may irritate others with her forwardness, she may get excited by new experiences. She may talk quickly and randomly at times. This is a perk in the world of The daisy. She’s finding new avenues to explore and I’m delighted by her excitement.

If we had taken the “formal” route to education I can honestly tell you this excitement,  this zest for learning, for life would of been dulled by now. She wouldn’t ask so many questions, she’d most probably ask some but not to the extent she does now. She would have to wait her turn in a classroom environment and by the time her turn had come she wouldn’t be so excited or she would be absorbing others answers and totally distracted by what she had originally wanted to ask.

The Daisy is our darling daughter. She asks hundreds of questions every single day. Sometimes I wish she didn’t have to ask me… Would I want it any other way, really would I?

Not a chance :).



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