Ramblings of a mouse that doesn’t squeak

This post isn’t about The Daisy or anything regarding the crazy liberating world of home ed.

This is a ramble, that I hope Mouse will appreciate. “Mouse” is my friend.. She gained the title after being able to eat a whole block of brie in less than 5 minutes!

I had lunch with her today, it was lovely as always. She knows me well, my tea is made just how I like it. She knows what I eat and connects to my WiFi at home- you get the kind of friendship I’m waffling on about.

Whilst at Mouse’s today she told me she felt like a “shit mum”. She had dropped her children off at school/nursery and they had a little overwhelmed tearful moment. Mouse is beginning her dream this year and going back to education herself to follow her dreams. She herself felt a little overwhelmed, by what this new time in her life might bring. It’s going to be a juggle- one I’m sure she’ll make out to be a breeze.

I’m writing this as a friend… I’m outing you as a friend into the world of blogging and I’m telling you right here, right now that it’s going to be ok. Yes it’ll be different, different is good. Yes you might feel your neglecting your children (your not), your husband (he goes to football matches, studying is good, forest- words don’t describe).  You have however neglected your ambitions for such a long time.

Good luck with starting your course next week my lovely xx



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