Yesterday I had writers block. Incredibly frustrating and I’ve not had it for such a long time.

I used to write poetry as a past time. I have had two poems published in anthologies. I used to make notes whilst travelling to work on the bus or I’d make a mental note. However that was pre child and I no longer have the “space” in my memory nor do I carry a bag with a note pad, I prefer a rucksack nowadays with baby wipes, purse, water proofs possible snack- still no note pad.

I can assure you my poetry was far better than my blogging. Possible pen and paper and a little more time? Or maybe my interests were broader?

I was only asked a few days ago What my interests and hobbies are…. I don’t think I can pinpoint one alone that I enjoy without my little side kick helping. I used to make jewellery, simple bead and wire, I taught The Daisy and she’s a dab hand at it. She has made some lovely earrings for her teachers and friends.

I used to enjoy walking in the country side. If I go alone now I get bored, The daisy talks “alot” and without her it’s too quiet.

Oh look the “block” has lifted. I have kind of just covered what I had intended to do only yesterday ☺.



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