I am struggling with teaching the Daisy her times tables. It probably doesn’t help that I don’t enjoy maths either.

I asked a friend of mine who home educates and is a teacher, for some tips. I’m over joyed by her response.
I’m sharing it for me to work to and also for anyone else who may have the same struggles. These are her words xx

If start off with lots of games- counting beads/ Lego bricks/ coins/ sweets or anything else small. Do some making piles of a certain number eg 4 blue Lego bricks and another 4 Lego bricks. Now we have two lots of 4 or 4×2……that kind of thing. Multiplication is a quite abstract concept so it helps to ground it in something concrete. There is an app of times table songs we sometimes play just to get them used to the language and way times tables work. You can get some good wipe clean or colour in maths work books that might help. Make your own board game. Have cards that have simple times table questions on and use counters or an abacus to work them out. Draw some silly pictures with animals or teddies or something eg 6 bears on a picnic and another 6 bears arrive in a car then another 6 arrive on a bicycle or something silly and work out how many sandwiches they would need. Practical applications help so getting some penny sweets from the shop and having her work out how much it will cost for 5 sweets that cost 5p that kind of thing.

I have also just ordered the Daisy a multiplication square poster



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