Hospital appointments and learning

This morning The Daisy had a check up at the QMC for her broken elbow.

All is well and the pin comes out in 6 weeks time. I asked the doctor of I could take a photo of her x-ray and here it is… looks like a knitting needle to me rather than a pin!


Whilst on the shuttle bus to the hospital the Daisy was reading the signage on the bus. It’s an electric bus and the Daisy was intrigued by this. She asked me lots of questions and wanted to know how it was charged. I told her that when we return to the car park I’d show her where they charge the buses. I find this a great quality. The Daisy won’t just except and answer she genuinely wants to know “how”. I have raised a child that asks questions, in fact hundreds of questions a day haha! Sometimes I can’t answer the questions but when I can’t I do my research and that way we both learn together.


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