Happy NBTS Day 2015

Wow it’s our third year celebrating our “Not back to school” day. The time really does fly!

Today I’m grateful to myself for stumbling across home ed, I’m grateful to Rainbow mama for supporting us. I’m grateful to my parents for supporting us, even if my mum does think I’m nuts (I know she means well), my dad supports it all the way!

Three years.. time really has flown. The Daisy would be in year 2 if we had taken the “formal” route of education. I have no clue what she would be doing. I don’t tend to read the National curriculum to keep upto date.

This morning The Daisy has completed her work books, assisted me in prepping our evening meal. Has been to the post office to post her old books that she’s sold onto a fellow home educator to enable her to buy new ones.

Life has it trials… parenting is difficult regardless of how you choose to educate your children.

Today I’m looking at the positives. We all have our ups and downs. The best is yet to come.

The following photo was taken at last year’s NBTS picnic in Nottingham. By a home educator. Challenging the socialisation myth ☺



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