Respond vs React

Good morning lovelies

I am up and dressed ridiculously early on a bright but wet Tuesday morning.

The title has some meaning to the post. Recently “Raising the Daisy” has been hard work. She seems to of adopted a mini attitude… I have tried positive methods I really have. I’m only human and I think I have reacted more than responded. That makes me feel really sad.

Rainbow Mama reacted this morning when the Daisy woke up early and started asking why her room was dark. Rainbow mama reacted this morning and woke me up in the process.

We had an over night power cut and obviously the Daisy was startled by this as her room was now dark.

I can see why she was a little worried and perhaps had Rainbow Mamas sleep not been deprived in that moment she would of also understood. However she chose in that instance to react. 

I am now choosing to respond… If I feel too overwhelmed to respond instantly I will give myself a moment.

If Rainbow mama had chose to respond in that moment I would now most probably just be waking up… Instead I am writing this. Even if it’s just a reminder to myself.


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