Glorious summer days.

The Daisy and I have been house sitting for my parents.

It has been wonderful. It’s so peaceful here. The Daisy has enjoyed bike rides, free play, science experiments,  water play the list goes on and on.

There are many reasons why we choose to educate outside of school. One of them is the freedom of being able to learn what we choose and when we want to. There seems to be so much rush within the system. Six year olds need to know so much in such a short time frame. So the Daisy doesn’t know all the planets in the solar system but she does know what ingredients go into her favourite meal and the process in which to make it.

We rush so many things in life and a child’s education is often included in that.

Play with your children, see things how they see them. A simple game of eye spy can ensure you connect with a child if just for ten minutes out of your day. They don’t stay little for long and you don’t get this time back.



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