Pine cone bird feeders

Last week the Daisy collected 3 pine cones from Wollaton Park. We decided to make bird feeders with them. In the area where we now live there is suprisingly more wildlife than there was when we lived in the “countryside”.

To make these bird feeders you will need

• Pine cones
• Peanut butter or lard
• Bird seed
• String to hang (we used wool)

The Daisy used a knife to fill the pine cone with peanut butter, fill it well as this will hold the seeds.



Once your happy with the amount of peanut butter on the cone. Roll it in the bird seed until covered. Use your string to attach to the pine cone and make a loop.




The rest is self explanatory really. We have no trees in our garden so the Daisy hung them in our hedge. She is most excited to check them tomorrow to see if any birds have visited ☺



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