This morning I had a medical appointment to make. Where I go, I just so happened to of had a full time paid job there once. I know the receptionists there and they used to know me. They also know I home educate the Daisy. I am not often lost for words but when I’m asked if “I’m still not sending her to school”… is that the best someone can come up with?  If my friend was on a diet I wouldn’t say “jeez you not lost that weight yet”. You could argue it’s different… its a life choice we all make them. Wait a minute it got better. Said receptionist went on to repeat her favourite line “you are interupting her learning, she should be at a desk”. Yeah because anything you’ve learnt in life has been on an uncomfortable plastic chair behind a desk in a room filled with everyone your own age hasn’t it?!

It’s age old drivvle that comes out the mouths of narrow minded fools. Even the daisy asked me whilst we were leaving “doesn’t that lady know there is a life beyond school”. I politely replied some people are too set in their ways to see a life different to their own. 

We had a fantastic day with alot of crafts involved. We are also leaving for swimming class in the next hour. So that’s my mini moan. I’ll publish our crafts later today xx


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