Only this last week I have encountered ignorance of the same kind from two different types of people. The first being a stranger the latter being a friend.

I was asked how the Daisy feels by being raised by two women. I’ve asked the daisy she simply replied “very lucky”.

I was once a lone parent to the Daisy. I raised her alone for 3 years… If I had been asked that question back in those days my reaction would of been fierce. I think I have mellowed since then or maybe learnt to pick my argument’s?

It is true you don’t know the answer unless you ask the question but still. It’s clearly visable to see the daisy does not care about what her family looks like to the outside. All a child should care about is that they are loved. Families come in all shapes and sizes yet society still struggles to find alternative moulds. We don’t fit a certain category we are a loving family who educates outside of school. There is no drop down menu for that.


Would you ask a married, heterosexual couple’s child if they were happy at home? I doubt it. Chances are they have their struggles just like the rest of us.

Ignorance comes from all as proved to me this last week. From someone I had just met to a friend I’ve known for years.


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