Family time

In our family there are two mamas and a Daisy. Whilst I stay home to educate the other mama works.

Today we had a much deserved family day out. We had a ride on the wheel of Nottingham and had lunch out.


I won’t take credit for the above photo but as you can see it was pretty high and mama 2 doesn’t like heights!

After the ride we went into a bar to get a drink. To my dissapointment we couldn’t stay due to having the daisy with us and we weren’t eating. Am I missing something? It was lunch time I wasn’t trying to take her clubbing! How are children meant to learn how best to behave in certain places if they can’t experience them? I think it’s a real shame that most children will class fast food chains as restaurants!

We left… no drink, nothing. Fortunately I had already pre booked a table at a restaurant not too far from where we were. I was so pleased as a mama that the daisy didn’t aim for the chips but opted for paella. All in all we had a fabulous day despite mama 2 looking pale on the wheel xx


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