Today I am thankful. Thankful to those that don’t question, to those that will always be there to help us when we’ve fallen. I never thought I’d get to any point in my life to have such a wealth of support outside my family. This week alone I have been overwhelmed by the support friends have shown.  We have had a friend collect boxes for us. A friend offer us professional advice. People from all parts of my life offer their time. I am so grateful to you all. It’s at times like this when you appriciate all that you do have.

I’m sat here with freezing cold hands, I’ve been outdoors dismantling my chicken coop. My dream of hen keeping has been a happy journey but now it’s ended. They have gone to live out their days with a good friend. 

This post has been added to over a week. We as a family are forever grateful to those that have given us your time, helped us in ways we would of never asked but you have still helped us. I don’t like asking for help I’m quite a proud person. I’m an open book in many ways and many of you know alot about me but we don’t ask for help. I guess we have found our tribe so to speak. I can only hope that one day we can give you our hands when times are hard for you xx



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