I’m writing this post and the wife is rolling her eyes as though to say, “the post you wrote only yesterday isn’t going to happen”. It is as I’m putting this phone in the kitchen as promised as soon as it’s published.

So yesterday… we packed. We packed two rooms worth of stuff into boxes and those boxes are currently insulating our conservatory.

The purpose of this blog is to share with you not all the pretty fluffy stuff of our life. It’s to share the trials we all encounter whether our children school the traditional way or not.

I am not going to declare myself as a patient parent as what I may consider patient or peaceful you may not. I am however wanting a less screamy, shouting, a 10 second rule life. So whilst I could just do that without writing and without “outing” myself as a parent I’d like to share it. Writing for me is something I haven’t done in a while. I used to write poetry, I’ve done some pretty cool stuff. I’ve been published. Writing then was my therapy a release from reality so this is my therapy. However I don’t now need a release as I’m more than content with how my life is. Nothing wrong with a little tweaking so here goes.

Yesterday as we were packing the daisy had use of her kindle. We have allowed her a little trust with this. It’s on freetime she can’t view things out of her boundaries on there. All was well or so I thought. Last night whilst I was straightening her room I found a pleasant drawing on her bedroom wall. The medium in which she chose to draw was the end of her kindle pen. You know the touch screen device with a squidgy rubber nib. So yes the daisy had not only seen if she could mark with it she had drawn with it. She now has a grey scuff mark drawing on her wall. Am I impressed by this? Am I hell! So the other mother brings her upstairs we “spoke” about it. She has now forfeited her kindle for such behavior. I’m appalled, disappointed and everything in between. Now there will be some reading this and thinking, she’s been left too long. The daisy has daily use of the kindle which she chooses to do in her room. It’s her space her choice to be there. So no not all in life is filled with fluffy bunnies and no I did not react the way I would of probably liked. I thought I’d nipped the creative side of daisy graffiting in the bud. Clearly not…

That’s the ugly part of yesterday I don’t want this post to end there even if daisys day did.
Yesterday we also did chocolate art and she had drawn a wonderful picture on her easel so maybe the kindle art was part of this process…



Chocolate art



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