How to miss a childhood or even a life.

This blog post I’m sharing on here has really struck a cord with me. We have all seen “that video” around that shows you on your mobile phone and not interacting with one another. Yes that is me all over and I admit that. This thread though has a more powerful resemblance to me.

I read it only this afternoon and was going to share it on my page. Then I noted I needed to write, not to justify my actions more to spread the word.

The Internet is a saviour at times. I run my business with it. Hold connections over it that wouldn’t be so easy otherwise. I blog with it. Google is my bible I home educate and believe me a 5 year old can dig pretty deep!

There’s my Facebook account, you tube, ebay… All things I use daily. I don’t however need to cradle my phone or tablet I do need to check my emails but they don’t dissolve at midday. A replied email after 7 hours is still quicker than a letter. So from now as I’m writing I’m making this vow to change. Yes I’ll be online. However my phone will live in my kitchen. I will check it periodically not every 5 minutes. I don’t want our daisy to accept that this is more important. Nor do I want my wife to role her eyes at me. Yes I love everything I do and all the knowledge it can give me. But I love the real things more. I adore morning cuddles with the daisy, I look forward to communicating with my wife. I’m taking my camera from now on on day trips and  i’ll leave my phone at home.

Here is the link to the blog post. Read it, like me it may be the nudge you need.


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