Eeeek its official, i’m blogging. Be kind this is the first time I have made a conscious effort to do this properly.

The aim of this blog, is to share with you some snippets of our awesome little life in raising a daisy. To share links with you for crafting projects. To share those projects with you that we have completed. We choose, not only to “raise” our daisy but to educate otherwise. here in the UK its known as home education however I like to call it the apprenticeship of life.

Back to the raising part, I see so many threads in online forums stating he/she are mine, as though they are an object rather than an individual… did I miss something? Yes I was part of the process of her being a person but I do not own her. She is our responsibility until she reaches adulthood, but she is not my possession. We do not wish to treat her like an object but as a person that she rightfully is.


Ok that’s my first post i’ll end it now before I waffle on too much. Look forward to sharing our journey in raising a daisy xx




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